Rebecca Barboza was born on the 4th of December 1990, in Governador Valadares, Minas Gerais, Brazil. She began singing when she was 8 yrs old at her church “Igreja Batista Memorial”. Her mom, Marta Barboza, would practice the songs with her so she could give solo performances at her church. When Rebecca was 10 yrs  old, they moved to Jauru, Mato Grosso where she started singing at local events as well.

At 12 yrs old Rebecca and her mother moved to Amsterdam to start a brand-new life. Rebecca learnt the Dutch language with in months and during that time started singing at the church “Comunidade Cristã em Amsterdam”. The church was doing very well at the time and the music ministry decided to record an album. Rebecca recorded the song “Nada Pode me calar” which became the main song of the album. 

She wrote her first song at the age of 14 yrs  and  have been developing her songwriting skills since then. In 2015 she started performing at the Brazilian soccer club “OSC” in Amsterdam. At that same time, she dropped out of college and began collaborating with artists from different parts of the world.

2018 has been a very important year for Rebecca, as she has released her latest singles “Blindfolded”, “Rescue me”, “You Can’t Deny” and “Goes on and on”.

Rebecca is a sensational artist with passion for music,travel and worldly matters.Her vocals will rock your soul in a seeminly appealing manner.Her music is on all platforms.Get to meet her she is very friendly.




Born in Sierra Leone during the civil war, Michael Tucker better known by his stage name Spect Young,migrated to the states at the age of 9. Spect migrated with his grandfather and 4 sisters. At age of 14 Spect started writing music, completed his 1st mixtape within a week during spring break of his 8th grade year. Spects earlier influences in music were Lucky dube (South African raggae artist) Nas ,Tupac and an underground artist at that time by the name of Stack Bundles. Spect says all his music Gurus are not around now except for Nas,but he's very grateful till this day.Spect attended 3 different high schools in 3 different states including Massachusetts, Arkansas and New Jersey. Young graduated at Franklin high in Somerset New Jersey. "Music has played a huge role in my daily life since i was a kid. It’s like that friend that listen and understand exactly what you are going through without judgement. I’d like to consider myself an Artist, not a Rapper. I do more than rap, I paint pictures that could be interpreted in how ever way the listener chooses, and no 2 records of mines sound the same; I put my heart in each and every verse I put out to the world. My favorite female MC always said music is suppose to inspire and I do my best to uplift the masses in a truthful & honest way” Spect states. In late 2015 Spect young started to combined his native language in Sierra Leone ( Krio ) over Hip Hop beats, he later did the same with Dancehall and Afrobeats. His audience embraced the new sound. Spect Young’s last project 2KSPECT was released in 2014 and is currently working on his first Album. No release date yet but Spect has alot of good music on youtube facebook and instagram.Majority of his project will be produced by his New Jersey brother super producer M.A.K. This is something to look forward to as Spect delivers undynamical hiphop rap with a flair of dancehall and afrobeat. Check him out @@





Rapper Spect Young

Rapper Spect Young


Dancehall Queen


House name Fatmata .B. Kamara...Aspiring female musician Faze Ya-Alimamy is the new face of Sierra Lone Dancehall music.From the starting of her surname initially, you can definitely attest to the fact that she came from a large ethnic origin, I mean the Kamara surname.Over the years she was able to survive hardship as music was her passion.

Faze comes from a beautiful family of three goodlooking brothers and a single sister.Her parents Mr John B Kamara a teacher and Mrs Isatu B Kamara a trader were able to mold her into a beatiful young lady.

Born in 1994 Makeni City Northern Sierra Leone, Faze attained here prep schooling unto NPSE at the Wesleyan Church of Sierra Leone Makeni and later completed her secondary education at UMC of Sierra Leone Makeni.

Every successful person out there has a role model to call his or her own.In the likes of Faze, she admires the following sets of people..Star Zee who she sees as a mentor,Spice from Jamaica,Cynthia Morgan and Cindy who are top of her chart. 

Faze came into the music industry in the year 2015 and she did her first single track which was titled "Can't let u go", it was released in 2016 under (IMC) Record studio... The song was wrapped up with a quality video...

 Presently she is working with (Wilbert Music) Groups, in her current trend she has featured brand musicians across Africa such as...  Sherro Pee, Succulent,Ragga Spice,Mystic Mc from Jamaica, Asaase From Ghana, Internet man, King Melody, Del Vaqyo, Chillout The Bad Man From Liberia, Jay Clef, Gifted and seven Figure family...

FAZE is  devoted in her career as a female musician and she is blessed with producers that believes in her..Her style of music blends dancehall to Sierra Loene GoGoMusic.Dubbed Queen Patra because of her energetic BadGyal Moves. She currently resides in  Free town... Single and fully devoted christian

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Sapp:Faze Ya Alimamy Ya-Alimamy

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the fulani twins

Sidi Amadu Dumbuya and his brothers Sidi Mamadu Dumbuya,were born in Kono Koidutown Sierra Leone @ the NDMC Hospital in july 1st, 1970.
Their father Alhaji Yusufu Dumbuya was a great man. He passed away in 1994.Their mother's name is Zainabu Dumbuya. Amadu and Mamadu came from a family of 24 brothers and sisters with 5 mothers.    
With their passion for music,they started performing at age 13 in Koidu community center,Whisky ago ago caesar55 to name a few places in Sierra Leone where they started their dream.Living in between Freetown central145 regent st and 92b kissy rd Sierra Leone,Amadu and Mamadu left Freetown 1991 for The U.S.A to be members of The Solid Gold Dancers. 

"Twice in love" was their first album in 1989
Produced by Amara Kabba Frederick Alliston. The Golden Twins was their former stage name. In 2000 they released their second album.."Emba me whyryma i miss u","Dirty world dugul" in 2003,"Wake up call" in 2006. From 2010 t0 2011 they did mixtapes,met with Wyclef in 2000.

Amadu and Mamadu also play drums and guitar. They released "Greenmile" album in 2016,"Gbakanda Determined" Album in 2019.They're presently working with producer Lokey on their New Ragga Trap Soul album. New mixtape "everybody eats" vol.1 by lokey is now on

These talented duo not only sing but Act and Perform.They're big movie stars in Africa..with them staring in a new movie "THE PRINCESS"comingout soon!!