Check out this great video  by Young Spect another heavy weight rapper from Sierra Leone 

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'rush us'

DALLAS BANTA,the best dancehall artist in Sierra Leone, NEA best dancehall artist of the year, the King of all Kings that you all know by the name of Dallas Bantan.DALLAS is like Bennie Man of Jamaica for Sierra Leone.

Baby Come Over Tonight

Magnificent Missy Creams, an earlier female rapper in Sierra Leone music industry.Missy has made hits with Xzu-B and Cathouse records.

Dey Ya For You

Whizz Nikk Youngest Sierra Leone rapper from FlyBoy Music based in Philadelphia U.S.A

Man For Betteh

Born in Freetown, Sierra Leone, Flame Diggi is talented, resilient and ready to take his talent to the next level. The American Young Buck just released his Pain Chapter EP on OCT.15.2018 available on all platforms.

This is Sierra Leone (Gambino Cover)

Check out this great video by Xzu B fastest Sierra Leonean lyrical Gunshot.He's head of Sierra Leone Tv Rap chper on AVY TV. YoungFadika  is the street name everyone calls him.

Nabay by matto cole

Matto Cole is a sensational African vocalist with rich afro tempo..Her native Sierra Leonean voice will ring the nature of the Motherland Africa.

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Kam leh we go (Foc&Drizilik)

FOC is a Rapper/songwriter from Sierra Leone alongside  Drizilik another young Siera Leone Rap protoge..Kam Leh We Go means= come lets go.

Skilo by Pretty.S

L.X.G the Trio group from which Pretty.S hails is popularly know worldwide.Pretty.S brings the afrobeat flavour to your dancing feet as seen here in Skilo. Enjoy!!

naughty zainab sheriff ft. emmerson

Zainab is a Super Model Artist an Entreprenuerial  Fashionista on the runway. Zainab is a native of Sierra Leone as well as Emmerson. Check her Out!!

Instagram: @ZedZeeee 

Facebook: Zainab O. Sheriff

warm up

Check out this great video by Spect Young...IG :KiingSpect  Snapchat :BornReady232 Twitter: KiingSpect  Email @